Falling Out of Love: Can a Therapist Help Save Your Relationship?


falling out of love

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Is Finding Your True Soul Mate Science or Fiction?


true soul mate

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The Four Stages of Marriage


stages of marriage

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The Impact of Negative Thinking on Relationships

Negative thinking is often the result of a critical inner voice. In relationships, this critical inner voice is a powerful enemy which often results in blame and loathing. Usually, blame and hatred are internal. This internal self-doubt can affect every aspect not only of your own life but also of your relationship. Here is what you need to know about the impact of negative thinking on relationships. Read More »

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The Importance of Setting Boundaries with Parents After Marriage

Finally getting to marry your sweetheart is one of life’s great joys. After dating, you finally get to spend the rest of your life with that perfect spouse. Sometimes, that perfect partner comes with overbearing parents. If you are struggling with parents or in-laws who do not respect your privacy, point of view or boundaries, it may seem hopeless. Fortunately, there are practical steps to take that can ease this tense situation. Here’s what you need to know about the importance of setting boundaries with parents after marriage. Read More »

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